Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pink Sun

This morning after slapping my alarm clock silent, I rolled over to find neon pink streams of sunrise squeezing through the holes in our blinds.  I have to be honest - my first thought was, "ugh, we really need to get some curtains..."   But then I realized that if I didn't get my sleepy, stayed-up-too-late self up & outta bed, I would most certainly miss a breathtaking "good morning" greeting from God.  Wow.  The color in the sky was awesome.  And it's kinda crazy how quickly the pinks blend into oranges and then into blues, depending on the clouds and how clear the sky is when the sun makes its way into the day.
The great thing about the view from our little Kentucky home in the semi-country is that even Jeff gets to enjoy the colors of the sky.  He is not a morning person by any means, so he usually misses the early show; but he's lucky, because sunsets from our perspective are just as magical.  And he loves the outdoors and the gift of nature enough to stop and breathe it in as much as possible.
So - all in all - both our souls are fed.

It's hard to believe that Jeff & I have lived in Glasgow for over a year now.  I keep meaning to sit down and write more intentionally about this transition in life and how it has affected me.  I keep wanting to sit down and record more deeply my memories and life-lessons learned from my 5 years in Fort Worth.  And I think it would do me good to sit down and reflect upon how much I've already found growth and blessing here in Glasgow.  The good stuff and the hard stuff - I want to record it all.

Right now, Jeff is belting out some riffs on one (yes, one) of his electric guitars, and the dogs are outside running around.  The cats are appreciating this rare moment of a house to themselves, canine-free.  I'm sitting here blogging about nothing important.  We are all feeding our souls.

Today saw challenges of its own but nothing too intense that I feel the need to write about.

It must have been a writing or English course in school somewhere along the way that I learned the freedom and joy of stream-of-conscience writing.  I guess you could place this post somewhere along the streams' spectrum...And that's okay with me.

When I finally gave in and decided to try out blogging, this was one of my greatest concerns.  What am I going to write about?  What if I have nothing to say?  Will all this be a waste?

Writing doesn't always have to serve a specific purpose.  Of course, it's great when it does - and I mostly aim for that goal.  But sometimes the beauty of writing is that we can just...write.  In many ways similar to the pattern of our days...we can go along with our pen or at our computer and put language to our thoughts.  And it doesn't have to have a definite intro/body/conclusion pattern.  It doesn't even have to make sense all the time!  (At least I hope not, because I'm in trouble if it does!)  I like to write.  And in 2013, I hope to be more creative with my writing and with my blog.  I want to be serious and silly.  I want to have fun with it and learn from other people along the way.  And at the same time, I want to be relevant to our times and the events that shape the world we live in now.

Something I would like to do, as I mentioned before, is write more specifically about my time in Fort Worth, TX.  It was a life-changing time and I made lifelong friends and colleagues.  I feel like I owe many of my friends and mentors the small act of saying thanks by recording how important they are to me.  Whether they read it or not...

So - like the colors of the sky, writing provides endless amounts of joy and gratitude.  It is freeing and healing.  My prayer is that everyone, everywhere can find something that frees them of the heavy weights life can bring.  Something healing...something fun....something bright and colorful...much like the neon pink light that streamed in my window this morning and called me to greet the new day.

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  1. I love to read your writing, Anne, because it reminds me of your good heart. Miss you so much, friend!