Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fear, part 1

My dogs, Patch & Pepper, are pretty much always happy.  And, because of that, they always make me happy.  I let them outside this morning (best thing ever!!!) and as I was sitting at the table looking out the front window, I see this tip of white tail just bobbing to and fro across the front porch.  Nothing else...just the tip of the tail happily bouncing from side to side, not a care in the world.  Happy to be exploring life once again.  I smiled and thanked God for another day.

In case you haven't noticed from my previous blogs, I love this time of year.  October is hands down my favorite month.  And not only do I love the colors and the cooler weather and the falling of leaves, but I also love Halloween and all the decor and fun that goes with it.  It's fun to talk about costumes and driving around town to see the pumpkins and scarecrows and ghosts that people put out to color their homes.  And of course it is always fun to have just one more excuse to eat Snickers and m&m's.  But because of the nature of Halloween, it is also this time of year that I think about the things I fear.  There are the usual suspects like spiders and snakes and scary movies - (yes I know I'm a wimp!).  But there are also more serious fears like the fear of failure, the fear of letting others down, and the fear of the unknown.

In the next few blogs, & in the days leading up to Halloween, I may take a peak inside some of these deeper fears to see if I can turn on the lights of clarity and understanding.  It will be scary...it will be suspenseful...so grab the popcorn and cuddle up with your pooch for protection.  This will be more intense than ABC Family's 13 Days of Halloween.  Yes, I did just go there.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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