Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lost in my mind

Day 2 of blogging....who woulda thought I would be someone to put my crazy and often pointless thoughts out into cyberspace?  Haha...not me. :)

There is no way I'll have the time nor even the inspiration to blog every day.  But all this is new to me, and it's fun, and I've got a lovely quiet moment on this October Saturday, why not?!

Ever since I can remember, I have kept a personal journal.  The older I get the more I write.  The more beautifully challenging life gets - the more I write.  My journal helps me to relieve stress and emotions; it centers me for my day and it cradles my prayers and thoughts.  And now that I am blogging, I realize how different this is than personal journaling.  When I sit down in the mornings to open my super- awesome-hardcover-retro-style-journal with a leafy tree and two colorful little birds on it - I know that I can just start rambling on about anything and everything.  There's no rhyme or reason, no formal introduction, 2-paragraph body, or summary conclusion.  As we used to say in middle school, my journal is "for my eyez only" (insert a pitiful drawing of 2 eyeballs with an apostrophe 's' instead of the written word...and I just used the 'z' for fun).  So it doesn't matter how many grammatical errors, misspelled words, or incomplete sentences and thoughts that consume those pages.  But blogging on the other hand....

In my journal this morning, I wrote that blogging is a whole new world because people will read it.  And there needs to be some sort of point to an entry.  Stream of consciousness is great for all kinds of reasons...but sometimes a blog needs to be a little bit more.  Well, for me, at least.  I want a person to read something I've written and feel a little bit better because of it.  I want to reach out and connect with people in ways that just aren't possible without the gift of the internet world.  And I don't want to bore people so much that your facial expression looks like my dog, Pepper, when she stares longingly at me from over the couch, her sad eyes begging me to play.  I want this to be fun and exciting like Christmas morning!  Which is exactly how I feel about this new adventure.  I don't know what to expect, but I am pretty positive that blessings are in store.

One of my favorite bands is The Head & The Heart and on their one & only album (they need to get a new one out!!) is a song called "Lost in My Mind."  Sometimes we just get so lost in our minds that we forget to look outside at the changing colors of the season.  We get so lost that we lose sight of what is going on outside of our own thoughts.  Sometimes I get so lost that I become physically lost and don't know why I walked into the kitchen from the living room.  And other times I get so lost in my mind that I pick up the body wash for shampoo.  You can't deny it, we all do it!

And so cheers to a journey of attempting the read the roadsigns in my head and (hopefully) turning down the streets of clarity, epiphany, and creativity.  Here's to not getting lost alone...but with a whole new network of friends and family and new passengers.  I thank you for coming along.

Who woulda thought I would ever put my crazy and often pointless thoughts out into cyberspace?  Not me...but then again, life is all about surprises, right? :)

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