Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Writing to God: Day 7

Habakkuk 2: 1-3
"In Need of Prophets"

God, do you remember a time when you didn't need us to prophesy?  When the order of the world and the turning of the Earth seemed to align smoothly and intentionally, with respect and attention to one another?  When a brother, if in need, reached out a hand and was met - not with judgement - but with understanding and care?  When a sister, although set in her ways, never turned away the stranger with anything less than a smile and the sincerest expression of her heart?

Was there a time?

God, do you remember a time when bridges were built with sweat, tears, and laughter, rather than torn down in vain?  Or when diversity was celebrated and differences revered?  God, do you remember the days when the human struggle was dealt with courage and compassion; not trampled upon with greed, or sheltered with a comfortable indifference?

Was there a time?

God do you remember a time?  Was there ever a day?  Can't you look back in your great, big hard drive of eternal memory and tell us if there was ever a time when you did not need the prophet?

If we keep searching for that answer…If we will roll up our sleeves and pave the way for your vision…then, O God…I pray that we will find the time.  It will be this time.  And it will be ours.


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