Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Writing to God: Day 12

Isaiah 9:6
Prayer of Names

Creator of the stars at night.  Wonderful Counselor.  Mighty God.  Prince of Peace.  Lord of Hope.  Gracious God.

Our words fall short.  What we call you is only a fraction - a tiny fraction - of all that you are.  You who set the planets in motion, while knowing every hair upon our heads.  Your vastness and intimacy boggles my mind.

Most days, I just don't even go there.  I don't try to figure you out.  Because I usually get lost in the attempt to pin you down with my pen.

God, you answer to so many names.  Names that make sense and names that fall short.  We choose names that bring us comfort and shy away from those that make us fidgety with awkwardness or angry in disagreement. Do you lovingly laugh at us, sometimes, at the ways we attempt to figure you out?  To know you?  To name you?

Do you find our curiosity endearing?  Do you frown at our certainty?  Do you shiver when we place our actions upon your name?

Perhaps your people from long ago are the only ones who ever knew how to bow down to you.

They called you YHWH.  Yahweh.

More than a word, it is breath.  Your name is the very breath within our lungs.  Every time we breathe we are calling your name.

Your name is the breath of all life.

Your name is the hope that at each release, at every letting go, all that is dead within us and beyond us will be discovered by your breath of life.
And something new and wonderful will be created.

God bless your holy name.  Amen.

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