Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Writing to God: Day 24

Mark 14:36

Today's prompt basically said to write down your questions.  Let them come, big and small.  Write them all over the page.  The empty space between the questions reflect "the unknowns and uncertainties."  Here are are some of mine - reflected in random spacing.  What are your questions for God?

Okay God - you know how bogged down and bummed I can get with all the "why's" in the world.  Even Jesus fell down on his knees and cried to you to take the cup away because he didn't understand.  He didn't want it.  So surely you can handle my struggles and questions.  Sit up straight and steady your shoulders,  I need you to carry these for me, please:

If we are all created in your image, why do people kill?


Is the world going to implode on itself?
War?  Violence?

Why do some babies lose their lives in their mother's womb?

Why can't you just step in and fix everything?

Are you disappointed with how the church has turned out?

Is any of this what you had in mind on "Day 1"?

What happened in the tomb?
What do you think about the way technology has changed
human interaction?

Do animals have a secret knowledge of life that humans
will never understand?

Cancer.  I mean, really - why?!

How do you really answer prayer?

Do you ever laugh?  would you consider yourself to have a sense of humor?

What is the real meaning of our existence?

That's all for now.  Sometimes it just helps to get them off my chest.  I know I'm just one person in this great big convoluted world - but I do want to help out as best I can.  Obviously I have no clue what your answers are….but maybe I can be a tiny piece of healing in the pain, laughter when it's needed, and hope wherever it can be found.

What do you think, God?


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