Monday, March 16, 2015

Writing to God: Day 23

Psalm 23
Experiencing Psalm 23

How do we walk through the valleys of the shadow of death?  How do we walk through our deepest despairs?

God - how can we be so sure that your rod and your staff is there for us to lean on?

These questions wrestle me.  Some days they make me want to cry out in anger.  Or cry in utter disbelief.

When we try to live with intention, with prayerful thought to what we do and say…
When we really try to live our lives and do our work with meaning and care, wanting something more than the same ol', same ol'.

When - even on days when nothing goes wrong - we feel as though we do nothing right….

Show us how to learn like a child.
Remind us of the lesson we learned about patience.  And time.
Even in a world of immediacy and instant gratification, there are some things that just take time; there are lots of things that need time.

Show us how to learn like a child.  When we try to stand up and we keep losing our balance.  Remind us of what it takes to keep trying to stand up again.

Show us how to look for something new.  Show us how to be excited about what the day will hold, even when we're walking through the valley of darkness.

Be our rod and our staff.  The hand that reaches down and grasps our tiny trusting fingers to lead us to another embrace.


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