Thursday, March 19, 2015

Writing to God: Day 26

1 Samuel 3: 1-10

Is that you, God?
Nope.  That was me again.

Sorry, I promise I'll stay quiet.

Oh - there you are!

Wait…no.  Still me.  Gosh I'm jumpy this morning.
Okay.  My bad.  Go ahead, your turn.

Your turn, God.  Go on.

So much to do, so much to do….Did I send that one email yesterday?  Shoot I still have to make that phone call, I've been meaning to do it all stinkin' week!

Oops, haha.  Sorry, God.  That can wait.  Okay, for real, I'm shutting that part of my brain down.
Here we go.  I'm all yours.

Geez, God, how long are you going to take to say something?  I don't have all morning.
I've got to start my day soon, so a little guidance, a few words to get me going is all I'm asking.

Here we go, let me have it.  Really, I can handle it.  (I think….)  I'll do my best anyway, just say it, here I am.  I'm here.  Not leaving this chair till you show up.  Well, unless it gets to be time to get in the shower.  But you know what I mean….I'm ready.

Stop talking?
But I've hardly said a word!  Are you sure you're in the right prayer group right now?!
I've been waiting for you this whole time!
I'm so confused.

I see.

Oh - all day, too?

That's all you need me to do?

Seems way too easy for me to have such a hard time with it.

Yes.  Here I am.

I'm listening now.

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