Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Writing to God: Day 13

Mark 4: 26-32
"A Prayer (in the form of a poem!) While Waiting for the Kingdom of God"

She took a seed, pinched between her fingers
And dug a small hole in the ground.
There she placed the seed next to a sleeping worm
And covered it up with dirt.

He leaned back in his desk chair, exhausted.  Wondering
if the day will ever end.  Yet knowing
that tomorrow will be more of the same;
heartbreaking testimonies of need and tears.

The old man sat beside the bed of his love.
Watching her chest rise and fall
with each complicated breath.
He would not let go of her hand.

On a cold wintry day
The red bird sits on a frozen branch
And lets out a whistle.
Her echo is all that returns.

I turn off the t.v. and close the computer.
I put down my phone for the night.
Too much hard stuff.  Too much suffering.
I look for sprinkles of hope in it all.

All of this.  All of this.  And so much more.
All while waiting for the Kingdom of God.


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